Tuberous Gesneriads

AVSC MinilogoA tuber is an enlarged storage area on the root of some plants. People familiar with the common potato will know exactly what a tuber is as will anyone who has grown tuberous begonias. Tuberous plants will go dormant during trying conditions of heat and drought and are reborn from the tuber when the conditions become favourable again. The gesneriad family has a major group of members that are tuberous. This genus is known as Sinningia and it has many species, large and small, low-growing or almost tree-like. Sinningia hail from Central and South America. The so-called Florist Gloxinia is actually a Sinningia, while the plant that is truly called Gloxinia is in another category, the rhizomatous gesneriads. The only other Gesneriad that produces tubers that is frequently encountered is called Nautilocalyx.

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