AVSA-AVSC Joint Convention 2012 - Show Results

 Show Results

 Text by Sayeh Beheshti

AVSA/AVSC Convention and Show
Held June 2 - June 10, 2012, Detroit, MI
Theme: "Violets Bridge Borders"


Local Convention Chair: Steve Turner,
Local Convention Co-chair: Laurel Goretsky
Local Show Chair: Marge Farrand,
Local Asst. Show chairs: (US) Brenda Petry, (Canada) Lorna Russell


475 Horticulture Entries (445 Blue Ribbons, 26 Red Ribbons and 3 white)
70 Design Entries (61 Blue Ribbons and 9 red ribbons no white)
15 Special Exhibits
90 Exhibitors

Horticuture Sweepstakes: 49 blue ribbons - Debbie McInnes - Floyds Knobs, IN

Runner-Up to Horticulture Sweepstakes: 27 blue ribbons - Marge Farrand - Ann Arbor, MI

Design Sweepstakes: 9 blue ribbons - Karyn Cichocki - Lafayette, NJ

Runner-Up to Design Sweepstakes: 7 blue ribbons - Mel Grice - Englewood, OH

Commercial Horticulture Sweepstakes: 8 blue ribbons - Doris Brownlie - Mississauga, ON, Canada

Runner-Up to Commercial Horticulture Sweepstakes: 8 blue ribbons - David Harris - Springfield, MO

Horticulture Division

Lynn Allen - Bloomfield Hills, MI
Best Chris Leppard (Maas)

Marie Burns - Baltimore, MD
2nd Best Robinson Collection: Rob's Calypso Beat, Rob's Combustible Pigeon, Rob's Inner Orbit; Best AVSA Registered Russian Hybrid Collection - Ian-Minuet, EK-Goluboglazaia Rossiia, EK-Boginia Krasoty; 2nd Best Lyon's Collection: Rockin' Robin, Lyon's Lavender Magic, Calico Queen; Best Precious Pink; Best Jolly Orchid.

Marge Farrand - Ann Arbor, MI
Best AVSA Collection - Standards/Amateur: Buckeye Sentimental Reasons, Ko's Green Dragonfly, Picasso; 2nd Best Buckeye Collection: Buckeye Northern Lights, Buckeye Seductress, Buckeye Sentimental Reasons; Best Trailer: Rob's Boolaroo; Best Picasso, Best Canadian Origin (Section IX):Picasso.

Hans Inpijn - Dana Point, CA
Best Everdina.

Paul Kroll - East Aurora, NY
Best Ozark Sinningia; Sinn.'Ozark Scentimental Journey'.

Kathy Lahti - Annandale, MN

Best African Violet & Best Semiminiature AV in Show: Eternal Orbit; 2nd Best AVSA Collection - Mini's & Semis/Amateur: Ness' Angel Babe, Little Blue Bandit, Windsome;  Best Holtkamp Collection – Amateur: Optimara Little Crystal, Optimara Little Ruby, Optimara Rose Quartz.

Tracy Lorence - Brunswick, OH

3rd Best African Violet in Show: Pink Playmate.

Dale Martens - Sherrard, IL

Best Streptocarpus: Strep. 'Heartland's Peacock'.

Eileen McGrath - Carleton Place, ON, Canada
Best Other Gesneriad: Sinningia speciosa 'Carangola'.

Debbie McInnes - Floyds Knobs, IN
2nd Best AVSA Collection - Standards/Amateur: Buckeye Cranberry Sparkler, Buckeye Colossal, Buckeye Sentimental Reasons; Best AVSA Collection - Minis & Semis/Amateur: Rob's Rinky Dink, Beginner's Luck, Jolly Waltz; Best Buckeye Collection: Buckeye Country Gal, Buckeye Sentimental Reasons, Buckeye Cranberry Sparkler; Best Miniature African Violet: Rob's Jitterbug; Best New Cultivar – Amateur: Sport of Yukako.

Diane Miller - Anaheim, CA
Best Robinson Collection: Rob's Outer Orbit, Rob's Combustible Pigeon, Rob's Suicidal Squirrel;

B. J. Ohme - Lincoln, NE
Best Lonestar: Helen Mahr

Bill Price - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Best Species African Violet: S. ionantha subsp. ionantha var. diplotricha 'Parker';

Leonard Re - Fountain Valley, CA
Best Precious Red

Lorna Russell - Nepean, ON, Canada
Best Thad's Episcia: 'Thad's Gold Fever'.

Olga Semova - Newmarket, ON, Canada
2nd Best African Violet in Show & Best Standard, Best Plant Grown by a Canadian Exhibitor: Frozen in Time.

Donna Turner - Southgate, MI
Best Optimara Ontario.

Steve Turner - Southgate, MI
Best Lyon's Collection: Calico Queen, Victorian Parasol, Moon Child.

Commercial Division

Donna Brining - Hamminton, NJ

Best AV on Display Table/Comm: Newtown's Beaumont Bluster; Best African Violet in Show/Comm: Blue Dragon ; 2nd Best African Violet in Show/Comm: Ness' Satin Rose; 3rd Best African Violet in Show/Comm: Night Fever; Best AVSA Standard Collection/Comm: Sansoucy' Coco, Blue Dragon, Night Fever ;Best AVSA Mini/Semimini Collection/Comm: Rob's Dodo Bird, Ness' Crinkle Blue, Ness' Satin Rose; Best Horticulture Showcase; Best Commercial Display Table.

Doris Brownlie - Mississauga, ON, Canada
Best AVSC Standard Collection/Comm: Bob Serbin, Aca's Red Ember, Picasso.

Linda Rowe - Red Creek, NY
2nd Best AVSA Mini/Semi-mini Collection/Comm: Cupid's Jewel, Shirl's Senior Moment, Rob's Pewter Bell.

Paul Sorano - Dolgeville, NY
Best Other Gesneriad/Comm: Aeschynanthus humilis; Best New Cultivar/Comm: Cranberry Crush (New); 2nd Best New Cultivar/Comm: Lilac Fanfare (New); 3rd Best New Cultivar/Comm: Lady Charm; 2nd Best Horticulture Showcase.

Design Division

B.J.Ohme - Lincoln, NE
Best Design in Show, Best in Section XII - Interpretive Flower Arrangements:"Arch Bridge".

Mel Grice - Englewood, OH
2nd Best Design in Show, Best in Section XI - Interpretive Plant Arrangements: "Covered Bridge”; Best in Section XIII - Container Gardens "Landscape design 12 - 24 inches".

Deanna Belli -Toronto, ON Canada
3rd Best Design in Show: "Passport Booklet".


Best Yearbook:

 San Mateo County AVS – Editor: Heather Morgan, San Mateo County AVS from San Mateo, CA.

Second Best Yearbook:

First Austin AVS – Editor: Glenda Williams, First Austin AVS from McDade, TX.

Third Best Yearbook:

Columbus AVS – Editor: Richard Carr, Columbus AVS from Reynoldsburg, OH.

Best Newsletter:

Lone Star AV Council – Editor: Marjorie Bullard, Lone Star AV Council from Corpus Christi, TX

Second Best Newsletter:

Columbus AVS – Editor: Nancy Carr, Columbus AVS from Reynoldsburg, OH.

Best Magazine:

Ohio State AVS – Editor: Mel Grice, Ohio State AVS from Englewood, OH.

Second Best Magazine:

Bay State AVS –Editor: Nancy Manozzi, Bay State AVS from Framingham, MA.