About African Violets

The subject of African violets is too large for one web page. We have divided the subject into smaller sections identified by links above. Clicking on the links in the “About African Violets” drop-down menu above will take you to the information you want. The links will follow you as you explore “About African Violets” so you can easily change topics as needed.

To learn about the wild plant Saintpaulia click on Species. To learn how the modest Saintpaulia was converted into the modern hybrid African violets click on Hybridization. To learn how to produce new offspring from your African violet plants, click on Propagation. You will find all other procedures and requirements for growing healthy African violets under Culture. If you have an unhealthy African violet you will appreciate the information available under Pests & DiseasesGrooming provides instruction on keeping your African violets looking good, while Growing to Show is the place to go to find out the basics of growing an African violet fit for exhibit in a plant show.