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Convention 2016

The great news of the season is that we will have a national AVSC Convention & Show, May 10-14, 2016, in Calgary. We are looking forward to it. Our hosts for 2016 are the Stampede City African Violet Society who have staged many good conventions and shows for us over the years.

Full Convention information is now available on the web site of Stampede City African Violet Society. Click here or on the Convention logo on the left to go directly to their web site.

This year's Convention information on the SCAVS web site includes fillable forms which can help ease the registration procedure.

Complimentary Copy of Chatter

A complimentary copy of the January-March 2016 issue of our magazine Chatter is also available here on this web site so that interested members and friends can easily find all the convention and show information in this one complimentary copy. It includes:  

- Show Schedule

- Events Schedule

- Convention registration and payment forms

- AVSA Judging School Information

- Information regarding the tours and programmes

- And an article called "What Being a Show Chair is All About" so you can learn first hand how this important individual (and his/her staff) bring a show to fruitition.

All the information you need to register to attend and to plan your visit should be found on both the SCAVS web site and here this issue of Chatter. Click here to see the Convention issue of Chatter in Adobe PDF or on the Chatter image to the left to download this issue of Chatter (in PDF format) with all its show and convention information and forms. The download may take a few minutes depending on your computer. You will need the Adobe Reader program which you can download from the Adobe Reader web site if you do not have it already.

Past Conventions

We sometimes include a feature from a past Convention on our site. There is one following here, a joint convention of the African Violey Society of Canada and the African Violet Society of America, Inc. held in Detroit, Michigan in 2012.

Convention 2012

If you are visiting us to learn about our 2012 Convention held jointly in Detroit, Michigan by the African Violet Society of America, Inc. and the African Violet Society of Canada, you can go directly there to those pages through this link: Convention 2012. If you are here to explore other areas of the site and learn more about African violets you may do so through the navigation bar above or through other links that follow.

Looking at the navigation bar above these words you will find links to several groups of pages. The About Us group of pages will tell you a great deal about our Society and what we do. The About Violets group of pages will tell you about many aspects of growing this plant whether for pleasure or for show or both.

Then we have a group of pages titled Gesneriads and not all of you will know that gesneriads are the plant family to which the African violet belongs. In fact, the African violet (known to the scientific types as Saintpaulia) is but one of the many members of the gesneriad family. This group of pages will give you a basic introduction to some other members of the family. You may recognize some of them as they are also popular plants; others may be new to you.

Finally, we have a group of Galleries, photo galleries to be specific, that will allow you to see photos of dozens of popular African violets and gesneriads.

We hope you enjoy your visit.